Violets make a come back

I couldn't resist. When I stopped at Lowes to pick up a plant cart to put the ficus and lemon trees on I noticed them. There they were calling me to help them. African violets. All alone. I had to save them from being forgotten. I was sold when I saw the price. 50 cents. What!? I grabbed 4 of the best looking ones. The check out lady was surprised. She almost didn't believe it, the manager had to come and verify. I was glad to have a few new additions to my window sills. Since I am out of clay pots to put these in they will have to remain in their plastic pots. I'll look around and perhaps some will be found later. My other violets bloomed and then just died. It was sad. This time I hope these guys will live and like it here. I have plenty of sunshine and we like plants. So far they look happy.


Judith said…
Yvonne to the rescue! PS I'm sorry your other violets bloomed and left. That is sad. I'm glad you have new violets!

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