ATC card swap

I came across this great exchange for children while reading one of the blogs I frequent. This one got me excited since my girls spend a fair amount of time coloring, creating, and generally making things. What wonderful way to get them to create more and connect with other children that enjoy the same. We got our group list and I was so excited to see that we get to mail 2 cards outside of the United States. I am glad that we'll be able to send something across the ocean. What fun. We have gotten out the maps and looked at the places where we'll be mailing our cards. An impromptu lesson in geography is a hit with Daddy.

To get started I needed to get the proper paper. We have every sort of paper in this house except watercolor paper. I took a trip to the local craft store to pick up a pack. While I paused to look at all the art supplies, I am a sucker for those things, I noticed some watercolor pencils. I figured that would be a great way for the girls to get some painting but in more controlled way. I wasn't able to find a paper pack of artist trading card sized paper. I opted to get a large sheet pack which I'll cut to size later. I think we'll try this two ways. First I'll have the girls paint a picture and then I can cut the picture to size. Second we'll start with a paper cut to size. I am curious to see which gives the better freedom or result.

While all those supplies sat on the table staring at me I couldn't help myself. I picked up some of the pencils a small sheet of paper and began to doodle. Before long I had several little pictures of hearts, flowers and a tree. I think I have found a new fun way to spend my free time. In the mean time while we create I'll take some pictures to post our progress. It should be enjoyable to see what the girls draw.


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