Craft a Go-Go!

Since March is National Craft Month I think a great way to celebrate would be to do some crafting. And I'm not just talking about a little bit of crafting, I'm thinking about a lot of crafting such as a craft along crafting. I am constantly doing some sort of crafty thing, it's impossible to avoid crafting with little girls (or boys) around here. Don't let age restrict you, I can spend hours and hours devoted to crayons and glitter. We all have our own skill set, interests, desire and that darn problem of finding the time. There are so many things you can do to explore that inner creativity locked away. Regardless of how you feel about crafting I think that once you get started you'll always find it fun. Besides taking a moment, even if it is that 5 minutes while you wait for that pasta to boil, to get a little crafting in your day will make you feel better. You do not need to be any sort of significantly skilled person to craft you just have to be willing to have some fun and relax. I have been putting together some good crafts to make and most won't take but a few minutes to do. Some are for young children and others are more appropriate for older children. At this point I'm not putting a limit on the ideas I'll post. My suggestions will include ideas from my head, from my children, and some will be from other great crafty folks. I'll be sure to link to the resources to help you along. This is your chance to get into the glue and markers and make something wonderful.

I created the group, Craft a Go-Go, on Flickr for this so give it a look see.

I hope you'll craft along with me it's always so much more fun with a group. While you're at it let me know what you are doing, I'd love to hear some new ideas. If you want to join leave a comment that way I can see what you're doing. I'll post/link about your GREAT idea. You can also drop me an email (nitrorockets at gmail dot com) or join the Flickr group. Let's have fun!


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