A great family game

Have you ever played this game called Blokus? Olivia received this as a Christmas gift and it has been a hit. It's aimed for ages 5 and up which mostly has to do with the size of the pieces. The girls enjoy playing but Olivia really loves it. Shapes and colors are a perfect match for her. Not only does Olivia like the game but I do too. I think the goal of using the pieces to fill in spaces is appealing to me. The sort of challenge I enjoy because it requires using that spatial thinking part of the brain.

Although we all like the game being F'Lakers things can get rather competitive. There was some controversy during last night's game which caused someone to call foul (me, I called it) during play. Anyhow, it was resolved and the game is still a new favorite. We'll be playing another round tonight after supper.


Mo said…
We have another game called "The Amazing Labyrinth". It's also a spatial type of game and LOADS of fun (we all 'help out' when playing with younger ones. When playing with older ones then strategy and secrecy abound!). Dontcha just love when you find a game that everyone likes and doesn't require batteries?
Yvonne said…
Mo you are so right about a game without needing batteries. We'll have to look into the amazing labyrinth game, it sounds like fun.

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