My Corner

This is where I like to sit. I do many things here. Reading is one as well as knitting and needlepoint. The way the light shines in this corner makes for a nice bright place to work. Though it can get out of hand as I am prone to pile things up around me. It appears that I have begun the piling of projects there. I see the yellow lace scarf yet unfinished for Leah, the first fingerless glove complete for me and the other yet to be cast on. The book I am reading: Read my Heart and some little knitted birdhouse pieces that need to be felted. I get some of it done in spurts, those moments when I finally take a seat and pick up something to do. What can't be seen is the Easter knits I making. That is top secret now but will be fun to show, if I get it done. As you can see there is plenty I need to do.


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