New month new painting project

Well February had to come so soon. It's great. Really. February is a great month. The length of winter is determined by a shy, furry, rodent, Superbowl Sunday gives everyone a reason to eat food that would normally kill them, we honor past US Presidents, and men all over the country are trying hard to not make the women in their lives hate them for neglecting Valentine's Day.

So why not add a new holiday? My suggestion is Paint Your Bedroom Day. We began the process Saturday the first. Sure it was the day before the Superbowl but that does not matter. My husband's desire for having something to do on the weekend that does not require sitting in front of the computer playing his games for countless hours usually means he wants to make a mess. Oh, I know, it's great that he is so motivated. I'm glad he has such motivation. If only I were more prepared for these days. My plan for Saturday involved mostly being on the couch reading and knitting. With his boundless energy and excitement we drove to the Lowe's to pick out paint for our bedroom. Keith really wanted a deep orange brown or brown color, think Tuscany palate. That's a great color except that our carpet is a sand brown color and our bed is a light cherry color. Not quite the best compliments to those colors he wanted. Besides, we have been trending in a more contemporary style throughout the house and Tuscan would be out of place. In my mind I was thinking of blue or gray. After pacing the paint chip displays being crowded by annoying cell phone junkies, couples who couldn't keep their hands off each other and irate husbands I was feeling a tiny bit stressed. Am I crazy to think that choosing paint for your kitchen does not require you to grope your lover as you debate the significance of the colors. Really. How can you have painting on your day's plan? Clearly you are thinking of other ways to spend your Saturday. With all those distractions finding the right color combination was difficult. It turns out in my panic to avoid being consumed by the lascivious couple I found two colors that we both liked. Thank goodness because I was close to saying something highly inappropriate to those lovebirds.

Are you wondering why we chose those colors? You mean, besides liking the colors? Well, there is another reason. We have been selecting colors that are or are nearly close to those approved by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We do not have a historic home but we do have a home that is considered a colonial and we like the traditional colors. Additionally we live in a historic part of the country (outside DC in NoVA) so it just seems fitting to me. I was pleased with the results from the previous colors in this category and felt comfortable using this line of colors in our room. Our bedroom is slightly divided into two parts, supposedly it's two rooms, but it is one room. Keith was insistent that we use two colors which was a great idea but made choosing well very important. For the bedroom portion of the room we chose a very nice blue-gray color. This color, Woodlawn Silver Brook (Valspar 5001-1B), is a color that can be found in the Woodlawn home. If you take the link you can see the color on the website's main page, the parlor looks to be the same color. For the sitting room portion we selected a nice light color, Bay Sands (Valspar 5008-1B), which is a beige-like color. These colors really work well together and do make the room look like one but gives it more of a separate feel.

This was a one day job. Keith began prepping the room Saturday. On Superbowl Sunday after church and before the game we painted the room. I had some touch ups to do Monday but pretty much it was a one day gig. It took another day before we could put the room back together. The next part of the master bedroom is the bath. I have the paint ready to go, thankfully I won't have to go back and find another color. We'll use the rest of the green from our great room. I am fond of light colors which makes accessorizing with bold patterns and colors more fun. In the mean time I am searching for artwork to hang above the bed. Something bright, abstract, likely in yellow, red or orange. Other ideas included this fantastic WW II Japanese war strategy map that Julie found for Keith. It just needs to be framed, I'm thinking it will look great in the sitting room. Keith has big plans for shelving above the dressers. The shelving would be a great place to display all the handmade wooden toys his grandfather made for him. Currently they are in a box. As I sit and think I am getting more ideas. It's time for me to get that sketch pad out and get them drawn.


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