Pasta all day long

I have been making loads of pasta for the past two months. It was at first a result of trying to make a quick meal that did not involve much time or effort. Plus pasta is always a hit with kids. After all the holiday food making I was pretty wiped out. Lacking a desire to make much of anything really made for some thorough complaining from the kids. It wasn't long before the spaghetti and meatballs had been made too many times. I was feeling the same way but still hadn't gotten back in to the jive of cooking. Really, it was so sad to see my lack of interest in cooking, because, as most of you already know, I love me some cooking. By chance about a week ago I picked up a new cookbook. I went to the bookstore for another book and ended up with this one. (Everyday Pasta by Giada DeLaurentiis) So far it has been the best purchase. There are many things I can make and I think the girls will even eat some of those dishes.

On Valentine's Day I made Giada's Spaghetti with Pinot Grigio and Seafood. Besides being super easy to make it was fab. As in: Yeah, I could eat this all day, and no, I won't share with you.

Since I did not have clams I just used the shrimp. What a wonderful light and satisfying dish. I even prepared a fantastic salad which I didn't eat because I wanted another helping of this pasta. Oh my, it is good. I'm totally going to keep this one in my pocket, it's a perfect impromptu recipe to make for guests. If like me you choose not to use clams this dish takes very little time to make. Only as much time as cooking the pasta will take you. It can be on the table in 20 minutes. Which is so nice since this dish looks and tastes like you spent way more time making.

I have my eyes on several other dishes in this book and plan on giving them a try. First there is a soup I should make that would be good for a cold deary day like today. I like the Italian white bean, pancetta and tortellini soup recipe on page 67 of this book. (It's not on the FoodTV website sorry) That's the one I'll make today.


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