Doodles into stitches

This is such a great idea that I cannot let this one be forgotten. It's an easy way to turn a child's artwork into a timeless heirloom. I made this way back in 2007 and it can be seen in flickr as the Bear Family. I decided to embroider this simple drawing made by Olivia because it was such a beautiful drawing that I could not let it be lost in our house. I can't believe I forgot to blog about it, so why not now?

Olivia drew this picture of the family when she was four, I happened upon the drawing while cleaning, prior to that it was on the fridge. I converted it to embroidery and meant to make a pillow for her. Except that pillow has not been made. No worries I'll make a pillow one day. Perhaps there is something in me that does not want to let go of the most absolute perfect child drawn rendition of our family. I am so fond of this that I'm not ready to let it go. She is quite proud of this drawing and looks forward to having the pillow complete. If I just keep thinking about how important this drawing is to her too then I would have that pillow made by now.

This will always be my favorite easy stitching project. Anyone can do this so long as you take the time to give it a try. And those of you with little ones, now is the time to start collecting those darling simple drawings. What a perfect gift this would make for grandparents. Stitch a drawing your child made and turn it into a pillow. Or just stitch it leave in in the hoop and it becomes its own little work of art to hang anywhere. (See how SouleMama does it on her blog.) I think I can hear grandmothers all over taking a breath as they open up a present like this one.

Begin by tracing the picture on your fabric. To transfer the drawing to fabric tape the drawing on a sunny window, then tape the fabric over it, and lightly trace the drawing underneath with a pencil or fabric pen. Another option is to trace onto tracing paper then use a transfer pen to trace over the reversed image. Pin to fabric and iron. You will get a reverse image when you use this method. Once the picture has been traced onto your fabric you can begin to replicate it using thread. I chose similar colors and began to stitch the drawing. Working this might make you want to create more. Have fun and if you create your own please show me.


Judith said…
That's so cute! Post pics when you finish the pillow for her...birthday?
Faserz said…
Beautiful embroidery... Really looking cute!

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