Glam up old shoes

This wasn't a planned activity which makes it the best kind. It all started with a visit to the craft store for me to make an exchange (My new knitting book had pages cut out! Shame on you naughty knitter meany person.) and the girls to find something fab in the dollar bins. They searched for the most perfect things to buy with their hard earned money. Those bins have all sorts of things in them toys and crafty bits. Both chose a new princess wand, a paper cupcake (don't ask), and some stick on jewels. Olivia splurged and added a pinwheel. About those jewels. I looked at them and mentioned how those would be perfect to stick on those Crocs they have. And was that the thing to say. That comment got them so excited I didn't expect them to take my suggestion so well. Once home the girls set to work on those shoes. I added another suggestion of scrubbing those shoes clean before decorating them. On a warm day cleaning shoes in a bucket of soapy water is fun. While the shoes dried they took their bikes for a spin and were sidetracked at a friend's house for a bit of play. Though they were having loads of fun my girls cut that short so they could have time to decorate those shoes. I think those girls got their dollar's worth out of those stick on jewels, nifty little things those are, using every last one to add sparkle to plain 'ol shoes. There was talk of getting more of those stick on jewels, perhaps something else needs a little glimmery-fabulousness.

To play along at home all you need are some scrubbed clean Crocs (or the like) shoes and some stick on jewels in the colors you like. This craft cost us $2.00 for the jewels we found in the dollar bins. That's all. Stick them on where you like and put 'em on. Super easy and a great way to make those 'ol Crocs (at the verge of being worn to bits) seem new again.


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