Knitted Eggs

I found this pattern on one of the blogs I frequent. It's called the Purl Bee. I would love to live close to this store but am I ever glad I don't. There would be some serious problems with me spending too much everything there. So it's good I can enjoy from afar. If you have the time go on and visit their blog by taking the link on my sidebar. There are several great ideas for things to make or admire. I love it all. When I saw these last year it was too late for me to make them in time for Easter so this year it was on my mind to go and make them. I began last month trying the pattern out. I found some lovely yarn and got going. It turns out the yarn I chose was not the best. My second egg was a better result. I managed to get the pattern worked out and the yarn, Cherry Hill sock yarn was a better fit. Sure the beautiful angora yarn was a delicate knit but not suited for my girls and their busy ways. The pattern I used can be found at the Purl Bee's blog for Knitted Sewn egg ornaments. I chose not to add the loop for hanging as I was not planning on making ornaments. (And I don't crochet very well.) There is nice pattern I found on Curly Purly for eggs. I found another at Little Cotton Rabbits for some great patterned eggs. It looks like there are many types out there so I'm sure you can find one that suits you best.

I intend for the eggs to fit inside baskets or pretty bowls. I also wanted them to be a secret but the very observant friend playing with the girls spied them in my basket and was far too excited to keep it on the down low. Now they all want more, lots more. I have completed 5 eggs and have another on my needles and more to go. I think that using a great stripy sock yarn is great for this project and very perfect for using up those last bits of sock yarn. Each egg uses very little yarn so you can make several hundred with one skein. These could be a great play food addition to your child's kitchen. Or even having an egg hunt with them....oh my the thoughts keep coming. I'm sure there will be a good use for these eggs in any home.


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