No Coffee?!

The coffee maker died early Friday morning. After 8 long years of endless devotion to me it quietly quit. I'm not sure if this was the little coffee pot rendering its resignation or just wanting to get away from my demanding coffee making needs. I would have preferred the little pot to have given me more notice, a little hint about its need to move on. Either way the coffee pot has retired and is now off to live its life without being bound to the every morning routine of sputtering out that delightfully hot liquid.

The prospect of no coffee yesterday morning was upsetting. I always look forward to that darling warm cuppa so very early in the morn. No worries I thought I'll just go on over to the store and pick up another and be back in biz-ness. It's funny how simple a task such as getting a new coffee maker is in your head. The outcome is never how you plan it to be. I assumed that this little errand would take a quick hour or so and then the rest of my day would be open for something like reading. Since I assumed that before going on the quest I went to meet some local knitter moms. One of the gals at my gym told me about her new hobby, knitting. She of course invited me to join her group that meets every Friday during the school year at the coffee joint a few doors down from our gym. When I arrived I didn't see my gym friend and then I sort of felt like I went back to HS and was the new kid trying to make friends. Don't ya just hate that when you let yourself feel like that? I do. Thankfully I didn't let myself fall back into the past, I walked over there and cheerfully greeted the large group. They were glad to have me, chairs were moved introductions were made and conversation began. All the ladies have school aged children and their knitting skills are as varied as their personalities. Most come to the get together when they can and work on what they want. I found out that one lady, R, does the organizing of this very informal group. The only organized activity they do is choose a few charity projects to collaborate on. Most projects are with churches or other non-profit groups they belong. The current project is knitting 7"x9" squares for blankets. One of the gal's temple does this every year so they knit all these squares which the gal, R, takes back to her temple to be sewn together by the ladies organizing the project. I was glad to have gone and met them all. I'll try to be there next week, with a few squares of my own.

After the knitting group I went to Costco to get our coupons refunded. Short story: Husband bought stuff a day before the coupons were to be used. Anyhow, they were super great about it and we got the discount so no big deal. While there I checked out the coffee makers. There were not many to choose from in the size I wanted. (I will point out here that of the two models I remember seeing at Costco they were all $30 less than at Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's and Target.) As the day went on I learned that HUGE is the trend in coffee makers. I was unable to find a small 4-cup coffee maker. And the perfectly cute 6-cup coffee maker in my head apparently does not exist. I was comforted in the knowledge that I was not the only person on the same mission. A kind retired couple had been searching for a decently priced coffee maker without a glass pot because as the husband confessed to me he broke them far too often. Most they were looking at were at least $70. I felt good knowing I saved them a trip to Costco (which was on other side of town) because I knew they didn't have coffee makers like the one they need. By this point in my search I was considering a percolator over a drip pot. It sounds nostalgic and I have fond memories of my Great Aunts and their gurgling percolator. But I'm not sure how well I'd like one, having no experience of my own and where do you put the paper filter? Did you know that using a paper filter to brew your coffee helps remove cafestol a coffee oil compound that elevates cholesterol in your body? It does and for some reason being able to use a paper filter is an important feature I want in a coffee maker. Many stores later I settled on a model found at Kohl's, by this time I was done looking and would have taken home a toaster instead if not for that caffeine habit. As I unpacked it I wasn't sure how I'd like my new coffee maker, I was still very sad to let the old one go. So far the new coffee maker is nice it looks neat and is easy to use. It's just not my little one and will take some getting used to as it fills up that same spot where 'lil coffee pot lived.

By the way anyone need some size 2 cone filters? I just bought a new package (unbleached paper) before my old pot puttered out on me. Ain't that the way?


Anonymous said…
Our's died last week too :( I was having to make expresso every morning until mom found an old one to give me. Laura

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