Paint away the time

Things I do to avoid housework. I draw pretty plants I want to grow in my garden. This is an easy activity for anyone to do. The use of colored pencils or even watercolor pencils to create pictures of what is on your mind. I am thinking of wonderful things to grow outside. I have such love of lavender and thyme that clearly they are in my thoughts. This drawing is more of a doodle type experiment. I used some watercolor pencils to draw the plants. Once I find the time to paint the drawing it will be complete. I'm curious to see the results as the new pencils have been such fun to use on my other pictures. I began another one, a potted bulb, looks like a hyacinth to me. Those do smell so lovely and are in many gardens in these parts. Perhaps one day they too will find a place in my garden. The first step would to be actually dig the flowerbeds, something that will be on the weekend to-do list for the next few weeks.

How about you? What spring time garden plants are on your thoughts?


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