Spring Vase

I have shamelessly copied the little vase decoration I saw in the Williams and Sonoma catalog. I had to, it was such a simple and elegant display, besides I have this vase with nothing in it. First I should mention that I have always loved alabaster eggs (and rocks). I had quite a collection as a child, finding them at garage sales for 50 cents a piece. I lost the collection when my father left and promptly took them with him. (how rude). Since then I have been longing for those pretty eggs with all their beautiful colors. While out antiquing some weeks ago a store I visited had several alabaster eggs for the picking. At $4 each it was a bargain compared to the W&S option. I picked the ones I thought would look great and thus began my copy of the W&S alabaster egg filled vase. If I had the bell jar I would do this bird nest display on top of my china cabinet. Trust me I looked at those antique stores, not a one to be found. I have the nests and greenery but no bell jar, however that does not mean I won't still be looking for one.


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