Asparagus pasta

I made this fantastic vegetarian pasta from a recipe in the April 2009 issue of Food & Wine. Penne with Asparagus Sage and Peas was created by chef Cindy Pawlcyn using my favorite spring vegetables. I was drawn to this recipe because I am such a big lover of asparagus that I couldn't resist making this dish. I should have waited to make this for a Lenten Friday meal but, asparagus, it's good any time. I took a few creative liberties with the recipe using it as a guideline and altering slightly. Instead of simmering the asparagus in the broth I roasted it for about 4 minutes to crisp tender. Then I tossed it in the pan with the penne, butter and sage. I love the flavor of roasted asparagus so much more that this dish was wonderfully perfect. The best part? Super easy and fast to make. Gotta love it when you can get a meal from stove to plate in less than 30 minutes.


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