This week I have learned that......

You should really read that label on the azalea bushes before you bring 'em home. If you fail to do this then you will pick the wrong ones to plant along your fence. Full sun isn't for every thing.

Hearing a Barred owl hoot in the early morning hours is exciting. Perhaps owling will be our new adventure this summer.

Children are never too old to color on their walls. My 8 year old reminded me of this with her very large drawing on her recently painted yellow walls.

Four years after you paid for an expired meter ticket in DC you'll be sent a lovely collection notice stating you did NOT pay that ticket. Way to keep records DC, I see this is how you really make revenue off of folks, by recycling paid old tickets.

I will have managed to lose an entire skein of yarn that was meant to be used for knitting sweaters for little bears, but only after I have two sets of front and back pieces complete. Why does the knitting sweater thing always fall apart on me when I get to the sleeves?

It is so darn difficult to find slips for little girls and I'll spend most of a beautiful day searching for them.* What is it with manufacturers and not making dresses properly? No linings in dresses save that much money?

I love having my girls all to myself during their spring break.

*Slips are no longer carried in these stores: K-Mart, Sears, JCPenny, Macy's, and Lord & Taylor. JCPenny has them online only. If you need one you'll have to go to a boutique or a store similar to Strasburg Children.


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