Monday ramblings

The girls went on an egg hunt this past Saturday and still are talking about the fun. They have recruited their friends so they could have several egg hunts in our yard. That was fun to watch. My goal is to upload those pictures this week.

Digging holes for azalea bushes is such a pain. We have this awful thick clay to break through and it sure does make the task difficult. I managed to get a nice farmer's tan on my arms, it looks awesome. There were some wildflower seeds sitting around not being used; they have been put to use being sown between the azaleas. I hope they grow. The azaleas have a home along the garage but the butterfly bush is still without a location. It might be stuffed in the ground in an unsanctioned location, out of sight, thanks HOA!

Spring break for the girls began today. They would tell you that it officially began 3:40pm last Friday. At any rate they are home all week long and are quite pleased with the idea of not having to be any where or do homework or do anything organized. The idea of freely playing the days away are the definition of luxury to them. I fully intend to do something. At least one thing. Perhaps we could spend a day on the DC Mall, but as I consider the outlook, rain seems to be on the horizon most of the days. This trip will depend on how adventurous we feel.

The six year old is fascinated with Irish Dancing and gave me a demo on why she needs lessons to learn the proper way to jig. I am leaving the chore of removing the scuff marks from my bamboo floors for tomorrow.

Watching too many design programs on the tele is no good for me. I will want to make my home fancy and try to find nifty things. Thankfully my wisdom of searching the basement for ideas will be a great way to satisfy this fantasy. In my pursuit I have discovered that my kitchen counters need to be rechalked along the wall. I am super pleased my builder is all about quality; expecting that my house could make it to the 2 year mark without maintenance is far too unrealistic. That reminds me, I should make a list now so I won't forget these unnoticeable but needed items.

My nearly nine year old is getting closer to becoming a woman. Those teen years are oh so close and there are things I am noticing about her every week. When I found her frantically digging through the mountain of dirty laundry for her favorite jeans it hit me. She is becoming a grown girl. Because when you are willing to dig through smelly socks and dirty knickers for jeans then you are getting away from kid land. This, the thing about the jeans is one I can relate to so much. A woman has to have that one pair of jeans that she loves and looks good wearing.


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