Non Sequitor Thoughts

As of late there are several things piled upon my plate all needing to be dealt with simultaneously. The story of mah life. As it goes, all this stuff it's eating up my brain at times leaving me beat. Factor in the rainy season and shoo-buddy am I one tired Mama. Good news is that one thing is coming to an end soon and that will give me some extra time. The other thing, this mongo library project, yeah, it's not going away anytime soon so that one will be sucking up any excess time I can spare.

So, what have I been doing?

Well, we spent the weekend in the yard. Eventually it will become a garden. It's sorta there already. There were many holes dug for the trees and shrubs we planted. I'm still feeling the ache from all that digging. We have planted the following thus far: 2 Redbud trees, 1 Montemorency Cherry tree, 2 Common Lilac bushes, 2 Forsythia, 1 Nanho Butterfly bush, 3 azaela bushes, and some Columbines. We need two more butterfly bush but it appears that EVERYONE is planting them too so we've been unable to find more. I might have to make a substitution. We'll see what I can find in the next few weeks. The next phase of this project is to dig the flower bed along the side of our house. It's the side of the house with all the utilites attached. It's time to cover up all those ugly wires and block off that area so no one steps on the electrical grounder, or say, a husband mowing it over. This part of the project will require much hand digging to prevent any stupid mistakes. After we get that all done we can begin tilling up the dirt for our vegetable patch. I am assuming that if we are still standing we'll get to the vegetable patch.

Olivia lost another tooth. With 4 teeth missing she looks different. Not unlike a hockey player. She has the two up top gone which makes for an interesting speech pattern. She denies her speech has been affected but we're all having problems understanding her when she talks too fast.

New, very nice, neighbors moved in next door. They have infant twins and a 6 year old boy. The boy was welcomed immediately. Now after 4 days it's like that kid has always been here. That's the amazing thing about children, they have such an incredible way of accepting new people that it makes me wonder when do we lose that?

The girls began soccer a few weeks ago and had their first game. They were creamed. It was a big loss. Oh well. It did bother me that the opposing coach kept playing his team best players, like he really wanted to have a BIG win, when it was evident our team was mostly small 6 year olds. The girls' previous coach would size up the opposing team and tried to make the game day as fair as possible. We once played a team not unlike their current team, a young team, and our girls were making many goals. So their coach chose to play one less of our girls on the field. Our 4 girls to the other's 5 allowed for more balance and gave the other team the chance to score. Our team still won, but it was by 2 goals instead of 7. Some may say that's silly, but little kids do like to feel they are doing well. When you are getting completely, mercilessly, shut out, it just becomes no fun any more.

It has been so soggy outside that getting our for long walks has been difficult. I might have to suck it up. I don't mind walking in rain, but I do mind walking in cold rain, brr. I'm about due for a new pair of walking shoes. I have some running shoes but the running isn't happening so much as the long walking. A trip to the outlet mall shoe store is on the horizon.

I've been trying to get some reading into my day but that has become a total failure. I seem to manage about a 2 pages every few days rate. It's sad I know, but it seems like my day fills up far faster than I expect. I'm thankful for those pages, I just can't help wanting more.

Organizing my lesson plans has to be done. I don't think I can continue stuffing the papers on the shelf in the office any more, it's getting quite out of hand. I made a step in the organizing direction by purchasing a large binder. My plan is to keep all the lessons in the large binder, divided by weekly topic, and pull them out as needed to go in my class binder. I was foolish to belive a tiny binder would be enough. My goal is to get this done today.

My next big thing: Olivia's birthday party. I can't put it off any longer, it's getting too close and those invites will need to go out soon. Better come up with an idea. I suggested a "Night at the Movies" since she wants to take her entire class to the movie theater. I can't do that, but we can have a few buddies over and have a movie watching party in the basement. They can dress up as movie stars, eat popcorn and other movie treats, watch something and have fun. I'll think on it some more.


Sydney said…
Daphne! That is what I recommend if you need another shrubbery. It is my favorite, even though I could never survive having stems of it in the house (if one did such a thing). I'm sure you know this, but it's heavily scented and beautiful. One shrub and you will catch wiffs of it from all over your yard, depending on wind direction. Mom planted some next to our porch at our old house and to this day whenever I smell it out on a walk I am immediately transported to our front walk. Also, it's nice with lilacs. Which I love. So: kudos!

Also, it's one of the only plants I recognize. I have a black thumb for gardening and am totally jealous of your yard and yard-related activities. ;) I bet when you look at a common flowering hedge you don't say, "Hey it's that one thing what the lady around the corner from me growning up had!" I bet you know its name and everything. The only one Pete really can never remember is forget-me-nots, which is how he identifies all blue flowers. This cracks me up because people's gardens in this neighborhood are well tended enough that there is never an example when I want one!

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