Picnic with my girl

It was a special day for me and Olivia. Daddy and Leah were spending the day together for the National Take Your Child to Work Day, which meant they'd be home late. I wasn't sure what Olivia and I would do for supper, I knew it had to be something fun. The best last minute thing I could think of was a supper picnic. She wanted to go to the same 'ol playground park she loves. I wanted something more than a playground, watching her play is nice but it's so non-interactive for me when she has other kids to play with. We agreed to go the the battlefield. It's a great place to walk and has those haystacks she loves to jump on. We packed up a simple supper of PB&J sandwiches and some crackers tossed it in a sack and went on our way.

I thought we'd eat like many others would, sitting on a blanket in the grass. I did not plan to forget about the important picnic blanket but I did. I had forgotten that with all our busy yard work that we took everything out of the car, including the always in there picnic blanket. Sitting in the grass seemed like a fine idea, except that with all the recent rain sitting on the ground was not such a good idea. When it was mentioned, "Hey how about the tree", it just seemed like the best idea ever. And it was. We grabbed our dinner sack and climbed into the tree. It was the perfect place to enjoy a picnic supper. Surrounded by the rolling grassy fields and noisy birds we dined delightfully.

Afterward we took a walk exploring the marshy places near the creek. I do love seeing those redbud trees popping out between the oaks and maples. Although it was pretty soggy down by the creek, we should have worn some mud boots. I liked the quietness of the evening, having the park to ourselves was just a treat.


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