Skirt Progress

Way back a long time ago, or well about 2 years ago (my introduction here), I began to knit a skirt for Leah. I found the pattern in the book Greetings from Knit Cafe and upon first sight knew it was the perfect kind of skirt for her. At the time she was very fond of rainbow colors, bright colors, and its funkiness was the perfect match for her. I began the skirt with much excitement getting something made for her was going to be a big achievement. Though life began to get complicated. That was just months before our move and how hopeful I was to think that I would be able to continue to knit while managing a household move. Alas the project didn't get far along, about 3 rounds, by the time I tried to knit it again the whole thing was a mess. Somehow the packing matted up the yarn and twisted it all sorts of ways, this I discovered several months after our move. I had a quiet afternoon to myself while the girls were at school when tackled the knitting boxes. My discovery of the tangled skirt was a sad one. Mostly a result of feeling bad for the project, the victim of being forgotten. I unraveled it and decided that I would try another time. I packed up my supplies and organized everything.

It was nearly two years later when I found that skirt yarn. The neatly packaged bag of leftover yarns I selected specifically for this project. The best part about this skirt is that it's a great use for your bits of yarn remaining from other projects. I dragged the bag of yarn to my work area and opened up that book again. I have gained much in skill these past two years and that has made the difference in my ability to gauge patterns. As I looked at the pattern I realized that my first attempt was doomed from the beginning. Regardless of the move the skirt would not have been much of a success. Because my girls are so thin (21" around), my 24" circular needle was far too large for the project. That was a mistake only a rookie would make. Following the pattern checking my measurements it was clear that this skirt would have to be knit on double pointed needles. (If you factor in the reality of me not going to buy a circular needle just for this project.) There was the solution.

With my dpns I cast on with new excitement and have made it a success. So far I have gotten through the ribbed eyelet portion of the skirt bottom. It looks great. The color I chose to begin the stockinette rounds was a yellow polka dot polyester yarn. I have completed a few rounds in yellow and am ready to add another color. I think the hardest and most fun part is deciding what yarns to use. I love the option of choosing how this skirt can be a personal item for my daughter. I intend this to be for Leah but, as you know with knitting for children, I'd be happy if it fits either girl.


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