Sunrise cafe with cat

I find myself sitting on the back steps breakfasting on toast with pumpkin butter. My companion on this early, cool, spring morning is the neighbor's cat, Sun. I have to keep my toast in my lap while clutching my mug full of coffee in my hand. I made the mistake of setting down my toast on the step for a moment, which was long enough for the curious kitty to coat its nose in the pumpkin butter. At first I thought Sun wouldn't have an interest in that toast covered in pumpkin butter, yet the cat proved me wrong. All it took was just one taste to cause this kitty to want more. Sun loved the pumpkin butter and sat watching me eat my toast hoping for another taste. Once I made it clear I wasn't going to share my toast the opportunistic kitty decided to try for the coffee. And that is why I have toast in my lap, coffee in my hands and a kitty at my feet.

This cat hardly makes the time for me, always seeking out the attention of the numerous children on the street. This cat knows a good thing. Sun knows kids are suckers and great for unlimited petting and adoration. However, at sunrise very few children are available to attend to kitty needs. As mornings outside become a pattern Sun figured out I too would be a sucker, a reasonable substitution to the children, for attention. It has taken about a year for Sun to feel mostly comfortable with my presence. This is not a lap kitty. Sun loves being pet and talked to, other than that Sun prefers solitude, or rather companion solitude. If I'm outside Sun will be nearby watching and following me. When I garden Sun will be resting within 10 feet of me, finding any sliver of shade to lounge in. If I sit on the steps a moment Sun will slink over to me sliding along my legs searching for an empty hand to encourage a pet. Or if I happen to decide to sit on the front porch with a book eventually Sun will discover I'm there and give me a "meow" greeting before settling down underneath my chair.

All of this is seen by the neighborhood, but never noticed by Sun's family. For the longest time everyone believed Sun to be our cat, the playful way Sun follows the children makes it appear as if it were another member of our family. Officially we have one cat and seasonally we have two. Our house is the first and last house Sun will visit. If Sun isn't waiting on the back steps to greet us then it means some where within all those trees and shrubs a very busy kitty is hunting. Not long after the loud thud of our screen door slamming shut can be heard a white and orange kitty comes calling. A cheerful "meow" and eager expression greets us every morning. Indeed summer is near when Sun is back in our lives.


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