Taking the Ladies to lunch

Yesterday two of my dear friends, she and she, came by for a little luncheon together. It has been months since we've all been together to chat and sit and laugh. Though our time is limited due to our own personal daily to-dos it sure is nice to get together every now and again. A simple lunch of tomato herb bisque, spinach quiche, lemon tarragon chicken salad sandwiches, balsamic thyme tomato salad, french bread and mango black tea. Getting together had me considering that something like this should be done with more frequency. Seeing friends and enjoying their company those are the things we most often forget to do. As spring passes to summer I can see a lovely picnic option. I do believe it will be a wonderful thing to make this gathering a regular event. As for the recipes for what I made those I'll post separately as they can be viewed better.


wealhtheow said…
My place next time--maybe we can make this a monthly event!
Judith said…
It was delicious! Thank you.
Yvonne said…
Yes! I think monthly would be great!

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