2 pie Weekend

The three day weekend was full of fun and chaos. Wait. That's pretty much every weekend for us around here. As usual being outside kept us busy. Saturday was a hot one perfect for the first day of pool season. After Keith spent the morning weed whacking the lawn we went to the pool. Oh, what, what is that you ask? Why did Keith weed whack the lawn? Oh, yeah. You see, our Snapper lawn mower decided to putter out on us. Putter out with choking black smoke and other awful noisy bad things. It was sluggish a month ago so Keith took care of a few things: changed the oil, replaced the air filter and put in new spark plugs. It worked fine and he thought it was back to normal. Nope. It died. It was taken to a mower fixer place, but, well, dern it, theys so busy these days 'an all that they just haven't had the time to LOOK at it. Ok. A week it sits in the shop. Not even looked at and of course no one calls to say "Hey, we're behind, do you want to keep the mower here and wait for us to look at it or do you want to take it home?" No, not even a call. So that means the mower will still be rotting at that place at least another week, and I am going to guess based on their fantastic customer service skills, it'll be there even longer. At least the pool was wonderful. Maybe a little cold but hey, it's almost summer and we were poolside on a warm sunny Saturday of a 3-day weekend. After the pool Keith went to work at the driving range. He came home with some groceries including watermelon, crab legs and shrimp. With that bounty we set up a nice seafood supper outside. We spent the evening enjoying the outdoors as the sun set.

Sunday morning Keith and a buddy played 18 holes while the girls and I enjoyed some garden time. After gardening I made a mixed berry pie. Mmmmm pie. That pie was my contribution to the annual BBQ friends of ours has every year. They have girls the same ages as Leah and Olivia as well as a street filled with kids. It was perfect for us, kids were distracted while the adults talked. We had a great time made more fun by the randomly passing rain clouds. Take the food out...bring it back in....take it back out....then you turn around and do the hokey pokey.....Hey when there are Sangrias flowing everything is fun!

Memorial Day was overcast and humid. Keith took the girls on a 7 mile bike ride. They were gone for a very long time. I assumed it was going to be quick and that they'd be back before I returned from the market. I ate lunch had the pie in the oven and was just about to get worried when I heard them come home. They looked like they had gone on a bike tour of a third world nation. Filth and bug welts all over. They tried out this new trail that snakes through the woods and well, wouldn't you know it there were zillions of mosquitoes in those woods. Even though it was a disappointing location they still had fun. I'm sure many stories will be told of that adventure.

Our weekend came to a close at our friends' house in celebration of the confirmation of a Doctor. Pizza and blueberry pie were our celebratory foods. We played Blokus and chattered about WWII planes and weaponry. We are THAT fun alright. Seriously what would you expect from a party comprising of history scholars? Did I mention the pie?


Judith said…
We like pie too.

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