May underway

May is an incredible month. A sudden burst of growth occurs changing that drabness of winter into a green wonderland. Birds start chirping as they busy themselves with nest building and the neighbors finally come out from their homes. It's also the busiest month in our house. With 3 birthdays (not to mention loads of friends and family too), Mother's Day and a few major school and church events every May it sure is an active month for us. Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from the month. The first eleven days, which happens to be the busiest, has passed and I think that it went well. I am never prepared for my birthday, it just happens to sneak up on me and present itself with it's fanfare. I suppose being consumed about planning a little one's birthday 5 days after mine tends to leave little thought for much else. My birthday was celebrated how I like it, at my favorite Mexican restaurant with the bottomless Margaritas. A chocolate cake rounded out the day.

Mother's Day was such a pretty perfect weather day. Keith and the girls set up a delicious brunch outside and surprised me with an umbrella for our patio table. Finally we'll be able to dine outside and have some shade this summer. After brunch we visited a local farm for some agro-tourism fun. It was a great day to be in the country having fun and taking pictures of the fun. That's a good Mother's Day to me.

Olivia's birthday was celebrated with as much fun as we could dish out. I decorated the breakfast table with crepe paper, balloons and banners. She requested cinnamon rolls for her breakfast which I topped with a candle. I surprised her at school with a lunch visit. After lunch I madly worked on the red velvet cake she requested. The cake wasn't cool enough to frost before soccer practice so I left that for later. At soccer practice her teammates loudly sang birthday songs and cheered her. After practice we met Dad-o at the Macaroni Grill for her birthday dinner. I quickly devoured my meal and while they finished eating I raced home to finish the cake. Presents were opened and cake was nibbled on and before we knew it 10pm was upon us.

Olivia's party will be Saturday. She has big plans for her party, it's all about being glamorous. She wanted to invite a bunch of kids to the movie theater, I had to remind her how that would be far too much for us to do. To keep in line with her movie theme I suggested a movie party and after a little bit of thinking we came up with a Hollywood Matinee Party. She has requested her friends to come dressed as movie stars and it should be super fun. I have lots of stuff to do still but it is going to be great.

Next up on the household birthdays is Keith. I haven't begun thinking about his day and before I know it, it'll be here. So far there will be a carrot cake involved with the celebration but that's all I got.


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