There are days that I would wish away my bamboo floors. Wish them away to a world full of someones who like to clean them. I bet you know which days I wish those floors away, yep, you guessed it, on floor cleaning day. The whole main floor of my house is hardwood. Thank goodness for that because if I thinks me floors are terrible after a week of rain I can only guess how carpeting would hold up to that same week. For as much as I love to have sparkling clean floors I just can't devote the time to mopping that much floor every 3 days. Really, every week is rough. I'd assume bang my head on the floors than clean them that often. In between moppings I have been relying on the 'ol Swifter thingys. At first they seemed to be fine and I felt good using such a classy name brand product. Then as time passed and the need to keep swift the floor during the week increased I became suspicious of that classy name brand product. It occurred to me that I'd use several of them because they'd dry out and the cleaner just couldn't clean up that sticky juice trail left behind by my little darlings. Soon I found myself going back with the Swifter sheet removed from the apparatus to scrub off those sticky spots. That was it, I was tired of this nonsense. I just about gave up on them all together when I realized that I could try ::gasp:: the store brand floor wipey thingys. Hey, I figured for three and a half dollars why not at least try one box.

And do you know what?

They work so much better. Waaaaaayyyy better than that Swifter brand.


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