Lace Rib baby hat

I have so much yarn in my stash that finding yarn for projects has been a breeze. Baby knits are great one skein projects. I'm so happy to find a project for all of my bargain yarn finds. I love hitting up my yarn stores to take advantage of their "clear it out" prices. That is the best way to get fab yarn at good prices. Some time ago I bought this yarn, Baruffa Merinos Otto, in a deep maroon color and a nice green. The colors and texture was the big selling point for me. This yarn has been waiting patiently for me to find the right project for it. The softness and color was screaming out to me as I sifted through my yarn bin. My cousin's baby is due soon. Because they are having the "mystery" baby I didn't want to make something that would be the typical yellow most parents like them get. These two are outdoorsy fun people and the hat for their babe needs to have a fun hipness to it. Nothing frilly, not too elegant and certainly not boring. I must say this project has been the most challenging of all my knits. Finding the best hat pattern was so difficult. Nothing seemed to fit them the right way. After much research on the Ravelry site I came to the conclusion that the perfect hat is in my head. I gathered ideas and much inspiration from other hats to create a hat fitting for my cousins.

I am making this pattern up as I go along. I CO 69 stitches using the long tail method on size 7 double pointed needles. I joined in the round. Begun with a purl row to knit 8 rows of garter stitch which gives 4 garter ridges. I knit one additional round before beginning the lace pattern. The lace pattern must be worked in a 4 plus 1 through 4 rows.

Lace Rib pattern:

P1, K3, purl last stitch
K1, *P1, YO, P2tog, K1, repeat from *to end
P1, K3, purl last stitch

Knit the lace pattern for 3 repeats. Your piece should be about 3 inches at this point. On the fourth lace section and all subsequent sections you will knit the first three rows of the lace pattern as stated. The knit rounds of the lace pattern will be the reduction.

Fourth round lace section knit row reduction: K2, K2tog, then knit the last 3 stitches. You should end up with 53 stitches.

Fifth round lace section knit row reduction: K3, *K2tog, K2, rep from *, then knit the last 4 stitches. You should end up with 41 stitches.

Sixth round lace section knit row reduction: K1, K3tog, *K2, K2tog, rep from *, then K3tog for last 3 stitches. You should end up with 29 stitches.

Seventh round lace section knit row reduction: K3tog, *K2, K2tog, rep from * to end. You should end up with 21 stitches.

Eighth round lace section knit row reduction: K3tog, *K1, K2tog, rep from * to end. You should end up with 13 stitches.

Ninth round lace section knit row reduction: K2, *K2tog, K1, rep from * to end. You should end up with 9 stitches.

Snip yarn from ball, leaving about 8 inches. Using a tapestry needle on the tail and slide it through the stitches on the needles. Turn hat inside out and pull yarn tight to close. Tie off, I know knit things should not be tied, but hey it's for a kid and it's the only way I know to make hold up longer. Weave in ends and snip off remaining yarn.

The reduction rows were awkward at times, trying to keep the 4 plus 1 number of stitches is not as easy as I hoped. It made for some awkward reductions but it is what it is. As I knit more of these I'll try to figure out a better solution. In the mean time this makes a great little hat and it's an easy lace pattern to knit. I think you get the idea and if you are a skilled knitter you'll know a better way to reduce.


Carisa said…
Looks great! I've been looking for a lace pattern to try that isn't too complicated and uses a yarn such as this. Can't wait to try it! What size did yours turn out with CO of 69?

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