Nifty Ideas: Crafting

Another round of fantastic nifty ideas I have discovered. You too may become inspired by these nifty things and in turn create your own. If you have any of your own nifty ideas please share them with me!

My girls love Russian stacking dolls. They have several games, made up from random ideas to play. Where we live finding those dolls is difficult and very expensive. I thought about it and some where I found out that you can buy blank Russian stacking dolls you can paint. This is a fantastic way to acquire a new set but also turn that into an exciting activity. I'll be ordering some for the summer when it's far too hot to be outdoors and then by fall a whole new set should be proudly displayed in our family room.

I'm a big fan of letter writing and when I found this I was hooked. What could be more fun than getting your own toy in the mail, made from the mail? Oh yeah, this is a great way to lift the spirits of anyone.

As the warmth of summer creeps its way back to these parts of the country it time to pull out all those summer clothes hiding away. After spending some time sorting through the girls' clothes I discovered there was very little for them to wear. Well, actually there's plenty for them to wear it's just that most of it is stained. As a way to salvage some of those shirts I found a clever and fun way to hide some of those stains. By strategically placing a stencil and painting over the stain in a dark color you can give that shirt another season of wear. If you have the time, it only takes minutes if you use premade stencils, it is well worth the money for the paint and a few brushes. This is also good for kitchen towels and other household items that need to have a freshening.

I've been reading on the internets about several people making their own undergarments. I know, how weird. But then as I got sucked in I realized that those people are on to something. Making your own undies is a way to create the style you like in the fabric you prefer. Also it's a great way to recycle old clothing. Doing this requires some sewing skill and plenty of time to work through before getting the undergarments to your preference.


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