Around our garden

We have all sorts of things growing around our home.

There are the pretty thorn-less roses growing very well after a bit of fertilizer.

Then there is this little tomato plant, growing out of the rocks in a terrible location. That is something isn't it? I can't even begin to tell you how a tomato decided to grow in a patch of awful dirt jammed under rocks but it did and there it grows.

The neighbor's cat Sun likes to rest in the cool dirt under our window and once the afternoon sun hits this side of the house he'll nap on the porch. He belongs to another family, right? I ask that myself every day.

The vegetable patch is doing well we are waiting for those tomatoes to finally ripen.

The wildflower garden along the garage looks scraggly, but hey, those flowers all grew from seeds scattered earlier this spring. Maybe I should have used more and put a better effort in finding a use of this area. I would like for our azaleas to look better but they might need less sunshine. Too bad we have very few places for shade needing plants.

My herb garden along the house next to the back door is doing very well. I love basil which I'm sure you can see with all those 4 plants taking over. If I hadn't placed those day lilies in the garden I might have even more basil. I am obsessed. Now if only those tomatoes would be ripe and ready I have a desire for a tomato basil salad. In the meantime I have some plans for moving things around, mostly from the stone flower bed in the back. Everything in there is having a tough time so perhaps a new location will do them some good. It'll be a quick task worth the change for them.


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