Cucumbers from the garden

Here's the first round of massive cucumbers. There are tons more on the vines. I think my neighbors and friends will be finding these stuffed in their mailboxes. I'm glad I only planted 4 of them, imagine if I did the 10 plants I thought sounded good way back in Spring. Time to look for some cucumber recipes. I have plans for some cucumber dill dressing/dip, cucumber salads, and perhaps some pickle of sorts.I could use some ideas, because as you can see there are loads of these in this house.


Sydney said…
Those cucumbers look amazing!! Good on you!

Tsatsiki! Homemade tsatsiki is the very best, and it's so easy. I suggest lambburgers (ground lamb patties, seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, onion, mint, balsamic vinegar whatever you like) in pita (homemade pita? could be fun!) with red onion, lettuce, feta, tsatsiki, tomatoes, sliced cucumber and mint. So good! And there's so much fun you can have with sides! Lots of different salads and potato dishes that would be great.

Pickling big cucumbers might be hard; I think it's the water content. I don't actually know, as I have never pickled a thing in my life, but do I know there are varieties of cucumbers specifically for that purpose that aren't otherwise very tasty. Maybe it's just that those smaller ones fit in jars better. ;) Gramma used to make bread and butter pickles, which my brother and I thought were the grossest things ever. I think we believed that there were big chunks of bread and butter in with the cucumbers and brine. Any chance that we were ever going to try them was ended with the name.

You should look into some Indian pickles. Madhur Jaffrey talks about these amazing sounding condiments from her childhood in her books - sour mango pickle, lime pickle, green chile pickle and pretty much any vegetable you can think of. I, myself, am not crazy about pickled things, but the way she describes them, even I want to try them!
Grace said…
Nice. Your cukes look great. Mine were terrible - white not green, very bitter, and went straight to the compost bin. Our other veggies (tomato, zuke, squash, peppers, eggplant) have been good but not the cukes. I would love it if mine looked like these!
Judith said…
So nice! psst...I think we did plant a tad more than 4 in your veggie garden, but with this heat that is awesome that 4 have done well. My cucumber plants are frying on the balcony. The variety I had was 'spacemaster' but the vines went wild at my neighbors (climbed up her roses)!
Yvonne said…
Oh yeah we did put in more than for plants, so I guess there were 8? Ah-ha that's why so much is growing. Pickles are what Leah wants me to make that girl can eat a jar on her own. Never heard of Tsatsiki sounds interesting.

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