First Quilt

Check out my first quilt. I made this in Colorado. My MIL showed me what to do and helped me work through my mistakes. I am very excited. This crib quilt was made from flannel in complimentary colors. The ease of using squares made for a great first quilt project. It turned out rather nice so nice that Olivia has decided to claim it as her own. I was finishing it up until we were heading to the airport. Its debut use on the overnight flight home was handy.

I plan on making more and have plenty of work ahead of me. I need to get a special feeder foot for my sewing machine so until it arrives I'll cut some squares and think about how to put together another little quilt. It will be fun to see the results with different colors. Once I work on more I'll describe the process I used to make this type of quilt. It was very easy and thrifty which are perfect matches for me.


Judith said…
Very pretty color combos! And it's great that Olivia claimed it. Does that mean Leah will want you to make her one too?
Yvonne said…
I'm sure there will be a yellow quilt in my future. Just not sure if I'll get it done as fast as this one went.

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