Morning tasks

A week has passed since coming home from Colorado. I finally feel back to normal. I want to still be on vacation, not to worry about bills and such, blissful calm. The girls are glad to be home to play with friends and their own toys. I'm glad to have the comfort of home, the familiar smells and my own bed. And a kitty to follow me around. She was very happy to have us all back. It took her a few days to be sure we were staying. Every time I stepped outside she wanted to follow, and this, this coming from the cat who hates being outdoors. I suppose she thought we'd leave again.

Early cool summer mornings are my favorite. Those occur every day out west but here in the Mid-South as we are officially located it's rare. Warm sticky mornings are typical this time of year. I have been enjoying this break finding that spot on the porch quite nice. As I sit here sipping coffee watching the morning go along I am thinking that none of my neighbors come outdoors. They remain inside their homes and miss this perfect morning. Maybe I'm an outdoors person and this being nice to me may be unwelcome for others. Watching the garden in the early morning is exciting. The bees are the first to start the day busily searching the lavender flowers for pollen. They are here all day until the last bits of sun have disappeared for the day. I would love to have a big farm of lavender. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Can't you just smell the breeze blowing through the flowers? That is marvelous. Instead of that big farm I'll make do with growing lavender along the front walk. Sitting there between those plants is quite interesting particularly if you find bees interesting. (And not dangerous) I am constantly impressed with their diligence. Nothing compares with their work ethic. I gladly welcome them knowing this fall their honey will be on our table. That's the best part of this gardening thing, and living in farmland. The little things we do contribute to our supper table providing the treats we enjoy. As that breeze came by I smelled the rosemary hiding behind all the lavender. It reminded me how I should go and move that other plant in the back yard. For some reason everything in that stone flowerbed has been doing poorly. Besides, I could use another rosemary on the other side of the walk to give a balanced look, not that anyone really cares or notices.

Well. You know how a simple task in your mind seems like it'll be just that? It never is. I walked back there to that rosemary but had to pass by some other things and noticed that there were some other little tasks to do. Distraction is so easy. That little tomato making its way out from under that rock wall has been bothering me for a few days. I figured it needed a new location. It was placed in with my herbs. Maybe a better location with proper soil will encourage it to grow happier. As in make loads of tomatoes. After the tomato was transplanted which was trickier than it looked I went to the stone flowerbed. There I noticed the following to be saved: two rosemary, sage, oregano, chives and thyme. All of them except the larger rosemary were placed in the herb garden along the house. It must be too much sun. That stone flowerbed gets lots of sun maybe too much for these herbs. Since moving the basil those plants went from scraggly terrible looking things to beautiful plants with nearly palm sized leaves. That's what I talking about, massive leaves of basil, oh the things I can make with basil.

Once the herbs were placed in their new home it was to the front for the second rosemary. It was a bit strange trying to dig a hole with all those bees buzzing around. They could care less I was there but shoo-buddy was that odd having them all around me. Kinda bothersome, I expected to be stung but I remembered that as long as they were not bothered they'd leave me alone. Just for safety I did give them notice. I bet if my neighbors heard it they'd think me a nutty lady telling the bees to be polite. Success in transplanting without bee stings is very good. By the time all this was sorted out I felt satisfied. I think this should be a good result. I'll be watching and keeping my eye on those herbs. This week will be the hardest for them but if they can manage the hot temperatures then they will grow big. It's time to move from the porch. The sun moves around the house making the porch oven hot for most of the day which means I need to work on other stuff.


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