Nifty Ideas: Baby

Another round of fantastic nifty ideas (& things) I have discovered. You too may become inspired by these nifty things and in turn create your own. If you have any of your own nifty ideas please share them with me!

Nifty products that I loved to use when my girls were babies: Aveeno, Burt's Bees (the baby buttermilk lotion we still use) and Desitin. We used natural/eco care products where we could but wicked diaper rash was always healed with products containing zinc oxide.

Sleeping sacks made winter nights so much warmer.

These Robeez shoes were not around for my girls but people with babies tell me they are excellent.

Cotton gauze cloth baby diapers used as burp cloths are a great way to keep yourself dry. They are absorbant and perfectly soft for wiping up all sorts of messes. They are also great for diapering a baby.

Middle of the night diaper changes were so much easier when they wore these night gowns. The elastic open bottom made the task for a sleepy Mama go smoothly.

Changing table I spy poster. I cut out pictures (from all those circulars and junk mail) of babies, kids, men, women, animals, colors, letters, numbers, etc. and made a collage out of it on poster board. I tacked it up right next to the changing table. It offered that teeny bit of distraction I needed for a wiggly toddler. By asking questions like: "where is the baby?", "show me a Daddy", "can you find the ball?", "what letter is this?"etc. my busy baby was occupied while I did my job of cleanup. I would suggest making two smaller ones, about half a poster board sheet, that way you can rotate them so that the questions remain a challenge. The best part about this is it can grow with the child and be made to reflect themes or subjects.

A good blanket is a wonderful gift. Although this Swaddle Me Handknit Blanket is quite costly I like the design and think it's a clever blanket.

Having a sling was a life saver. We had a sling I was not fond of but it met our needs. I think the Ergo Baby Carrier is what I would have preferred to use.

Finding the perfect high chair is such a headache. First they are bulky and second they are bulky. We used two kinds. The standard bulky chair and another one which we pushed up to the table. Of the two the girls preferred the one we pushed up to the table. Ours was a vintage wooden high chair that we found at a garage sale. Since that is something difficult to find I discovered an option from Ikea that would do the same. The Antilop chair is made to be pushed up next to the table to allow the baby to join in the meal. (Which for us is important family time.) Its small profile and low weight make it easy to move with one hand. And it's not bulky, perfect for small kitchens or dining rooms.

My mini-food processor was used daily when the girls were small. I made puree of the food we ate for them. It was the perfect solution to making quick baby food. I even pureed some lasagne one time and that was a hit. Funny to think about pureed lasagne. My Cuisinart Mini-Prep is 13 years old and still going strong.


Unknown said…
Great ideas! I also thought Bumkins bibs were a lifesaver for older baby/toddler- they aren't plastic but the material wipes clean and they don't have to be machine washed after every use.

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