Our Summer Reading Adventure

Reading over the summer is something every parent wants their children to do. We get all the paperwork from school telling us how important it is to ensure that the children keep reading so they will continue to improve their skills. And then, summer happens. Days go by full of fun and play and it's at that point you realize that the kids haven't been reading their books. Guilt. It's a fantastic thing for a parent. To get back on track we went to the library picked out some books, really great books, and began to read. Soon after the excitement passed and the books were abandoned. Clearly this reading during the summer idea wasn't working. Instead of forcing a daily reading regime I had to come up with a different approach. I figured making the reading task fun is the way to go. I chose to make it like an exploration. Thus began our summer reading adventure. Each day I gave them an adventure. So far so good. They have enjoyed the week's assignments and are looking forward to those to come. The hard part is creating the adventure assignments. I'm sure more ideas will be discovered as I find inspiration. There are several ways to be inspired. I'm watching them play outside and also looking into their books. Just about anything they like will help me think of ways to keep them busy.


Judith said…
Are the girl's participating in the summer quest at the library?
Yvonne said…
nope not this summer. they made such a fuss about being forced to go fill out the paperwork. at this point i'm not forcing them to do something, it's not worth the drama. so that's why i created my own. they weren't getting off from reading.
Helen said…
Details! I want the details! Exactly how are you doing the adventures? We've done a few things here. After watching Night At The Museum, the girls became interested in Amelia Earhart and Sacajawea, so I picked up books on them. What specifically are you doing though? I'm very curious to know/

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