Returning from fun, some thoughts

Being away from home for nearly a month really puts you out of sorts. Instead of writing about our trip I posted photos of what happened. That way you can sort of fill in the details by looking and really who wants to hear me describe every little thing? We enjoyed the wedding, it was fantastic, several days of fun. You just can't explain a F'Laker family event, it truly must be experienced. There was even a Michael Jackson tribute at the reception. You can't even imagine the humor that was involved there. All I can say is there were several F'Lakers involved, MJ tribute pins, a golf glove and much laughter. Too bad I didn't get pictures of that.

After the wedding we drove to Yellowstone. It has been on our list of must visit family vacation places for years. I'm glad we made it there. Well worth the time and getting up way too early in the morning to drive there. We could have spent a week there and still not done everything we wanted to do. That leaves us planning a future trip, perhaps when the girls are older. The one bummer was I became very ill. I thought it was strep but it turns out my allergies created a sinus infection so severe that it knocked me down. By Wednesday morning I wasn't able to hardly talk nor eat, my throat was so sore, swollen and sensitive. After a visit to the clinic (yay fun!) and some meds I began to feel a bit better. Being sick on vacation is no fun. I was too tired for serious hiking and that put a big dent in the fun. All I wanted to do was sleep but I rallied and somehow managed to walk all over the place. It took just about every last bit of energy out of me. Stupid allergies, getting in the way of my fun. Despite that little issue we were able to see plenty and there were many "oh wow" moments. The pictures really do the best in telling those sorts of moments. We took our time returning home, stopping to see lakes and more mountains before finally driving away. I would have liked to have seen Jackson Hole on foot rather than car but we didn't think it would take 2 hours to get out of Yellowstone. Summer road construction is something of an expectation in those parts.

The rest of our time in Colorado was spent seeing friends and family. Visiting Boulder is always a trip in more than one way. It made for an interesting lunch get together with some friends. Boulder always makes me laugh. We did make a fantastic visit to the Powell's candy store. Such a wonderful place to get some treats, worthy of any kid. I recommend it as a must do if you are in Boulder. A low key Fourth of July was what we needed. We explored Fort Collins with the Grandparents ducking out of the rain to do some shopping. It was perfect. Time went so quickly that by the time you realize it, you're on a 1:15 am flight home with heavy luggage and tired girls. Which, let me tell you, a red eye is never a good idea when traveling with kids. They are able to sleep anywhere meanwhile you are left dealing with idiot people who push seats back up and flight staff who like to talk very loudly about their dates. I would also like to mention how annoyed I am with the airlines. We have to pay to check bags as a way to save space, fuel and spotted owls, but no one, NO ONE, is checking to see if all us morons actually are carrying on appropriate sized bags. So as you can conclude people are jamming their giant non-carry on sized bags into these teeny tiny overhead bins. Seriously, who's genius idea was that? On both flights back there were several people with bag issues because all the bins were full of crap and everyone was carrying on one of these and these. I was glad I checked all but a small bag with my camera and laptop inside. If I had carried on one bag for each of us like we did on the way out there would not have been any room and at 1am that is not a puzzle my brain can work. I want to know why do people have to bring their skateboards on the plane? Because those things take up way too much room in those overhead bins. And bags of fruit. Can't you just ship it? There were many other things like Stetsons and boots which made me wonder about people.

I'm glad to be back but I'm not quite ready to be back.


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