She's a tart.....maker

One tart wasn't enough for this family. Nope. We had to have more. I didn't expect the reaction to be so positive. Yeah, sure, tarts they're good and all, but I figured it be no different than anything else made here, considered and eaten with slight suspicion. I knew another had to be made when all Leah could talk about is having a blueberry tart for her birthday instead of cake. Now isn't that a great idea? I love not making a cake and this tart birthday thing is something different. Although she did mention that maybe, just maybe we should make a few cupcakes so the "kids won't feel disappointed about having to eat a tart" because she's not sure if her friends even know what a tart is. Indeed she didn't even know what it was until I made one. Since it had blueberries on it she didn't care what a tart was all she knew is that she'd eat it. I have enough blueberries to make several tarts but will make one more this weekend. I like having the fresh berries for breakfast and afternoon snacks with some cheese and crackers. Olivia is not a tart person. Yet. She took a bite or two and felt it was better worth her time to eat some ice cream. She's missing out and eventually will see the perfection of a summer fruit tart for dessert. Or breakfast as Leah and Keith pointed out yesterday.

In my desperate haste to be a done with the peeling and pitting of those jillion pounds of peaches there were some leftover pieces which could not be made into jam. I set them aside with a picture perfect early morning thought of a peach pie. Come 4pm and still working on jam, that picture faded into what can I make with the least bit effort and still get a pie like thing? Answer: peach tart. Some of the recipes I found required cream or custard and several steps. Not my idea of a simple dessert. Instead of spending more time searching for a recipe I made my own. I used the Joy of Baking blueberry tart as a guideline (remember, pirate chef here) to create my peach blueberry tart. It actually was supposed to be a plain peach tart but I added blueberries to make it look pretty. I think it was fine decision. I'll post the recipe separately so that it can be found easier and you won't have to read all my nutty thoughts.


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