Tea concentrate

When I read the Angry Chicken's post about tea in a jar I thought it brilliant. Every time I open the fridge all I can see is an overstuffed mess. Which really has to do with the season. Most of the space is consumed by our fresh fruit and vegetables. Being in a hot climate does not allow for produce to survive more than a day on the counter. So, when I saw that post about making a tea concentrate I thought why not make my own too. It's a perfect idea. Keith loves iced tea but without the space to spare in the fridge I just can't have a pitcher of tea sitting in there. However I can jam a small jar in the top shelf. The perfect solution for our situation.

To make your own tea in a jar you'll need a jar that holds about 12-16 ounces. I use pint sized Mason jars. Place 5-6 tea bags into the jar and then fill with water. Seal and place in fridge overnight. The next morning remove tea bags and give it a shake. It's ready to use. You can use a few tablespoons of the concentrate which you will dilute with water. Since there is possibility for variation it's really going to require a taste test to determine how your tea brews. Experimentation in this case can be fun. Think of the possibilities here, several types of iced tea ready to go on a hot summer day.


Judith said…
Yes, this heat sure does take away the fridge space! I need to post a southern girl version of sweet iced tea.

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