Nifty Ideas: Recycle

Another round of fantastic nifty ideas I have discovered. You too may become inspired by these nifty things and in turn create your own. If you have any of your own nifty ideas please share them with me I'd love to learn about what is nifty to you!

I came across this woman's photo stream on Flickr on how to make a play kitchen from a dresser or cabinet. She gets them from free from people or other places like the curb. She sells the finished kitchens on Craig's List to help raise money to support her church's lunch for the homeless program. What a fantastic way to use creative energy for good. She provides the instructions here on her blog.

What do you do with all those corks from the wine you drink? How about make a message board for your home. All you need are a few supplies and little bit of time.

Want a different kind of jewelry? There is a great way to use doll house tea sets or furniture to make your own unique jewelry from them.


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