Some salads and other things

I came across this recipe for Giant Black Bean Salad which looks great. I should warn you before you click on that recipe. Heidi Swans has such a wonderful site filled with fantastic recipes, you might just find yourself there for a while, just so you know, ok then have fun.

Also on her site there is a recipe for Lemon-Scented Quinoa Salad.

Have you ever heard of using black beans to make brownies? Neither did I until I saw a recipe for them. Amazing Black Bean Brownie Recipe sure made me wonder. It's gluten free and high in fiber so, these really are a better option for that chocolate craving.

See the things I discover when looking on the internets. I can get far too distracted when searching for good things to eat.


Grace said…
Thanks for the link to the brownies. My daughter is gluten and dairy free and these look yum!! Changing butter to margarine is easy. I'll have to find some chocolate that is not contaminated with dairy.... I usually use cocoa powder when we make chocolate stuff.
Agave nectar is great to bake with... did not know there was a whole cookbook dedicated to it!

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