Another month sneaks up

When did October get here so quickly? I have some serious costume work to do. Olivia wants to be a pirate and Leah a cheetah princess. I'd like to not spend money on these costumes and might be able to get away with it for Olivia's idea.

Olivia has several peasant skirts which would be perfect but she insists that she must wear pants. I have a girl, right? So the pants can be any one her 5 black stretchy pairs she has. The shirt is going to be more challenging. I think a peasant shirt would be good but I doubt she is envisioning a female pirate as much as she is thinking of Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. I suppose I'll need to watch some of that movie to get some ideas. I have many red bandannas and loads of costume jewelry. Large hoop earrings are absent from my collection and may not be the best idea with a wild 7 year old. I can for certain do the "necklace hair" she talks about by putting various beads in her hair. One thing I'll need to buy is an eye patch because all pirates have lost an eye. She has a foam sword which will be just perfect for her to not injure anyone while in character. Boots are the one thing that she is not going to budge on, this is the girl who lived in pink cowgirl boots for 3 years. That's one expense I'm willing to make since she's in need of a pair of shoes and I know cowgirl boots are what she wants to wear. I know this because she asks me every week when she's getting another pair of boots since she outgrew her last pair 6 months ago. That will be the next big mission.

Leah's costume requires some cheetah print clothing which we have none. I'm not counting her pajamas although she thinks that wearing them would be just fine. Either Target or Kohls had some cheetah print pants, that might be the way to go. To create a cat face for her I'll need some face paint and some little headband ears. I wonder if she'll require a tiara? I think we have about 50 in the basement dress-up box one of them has to fit her. And how can I forget about the all important tail? Maybe I can use some old tights and create a tail from that. It would be easier to think about this costume if I had a picture of what she means but since it's her imagination it's hard to pinpoint what I'll need to create this cheetah princess.

I am trying to think of something interesting for me this year. Every year I get so wrapped up with their ideas that my costume tends to be forgotten. I'd like something neat, unusual and funny. I'm working out some ideas and hope they can come together because I think it would be fun to do something very odd and goofy. If I could find a box large enough I could be a Rubix cube or a cheesy robot. Oh yeah, I'm thinking old school here. And then there are all the Monty Python characters from the Holy Grail movie that keep coming to mind, or even the Princess Bride. With all the possibilities to distract me I'm sure I'll come up with something and plain forget. Guess I better get back to my thinking and sketches to keep those ideas fresh.


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