Great Food for you to try

There have been many yummy looking things out there that have gotten me very inspired and willing to try. I just bought a new cookbook, Cooking Light the Essential Dinner Tonight Cookbook, it has all their quick week night meals. I'm in love with this book. Each recipe is one page with a big yummy picture of the meal and it is perfect for those need something good to eat fast nights. I have been pleased with every recipe thus far which is such a relief.

I came across this fantastic idea for making your own vanilla flavored coffee creamer. If you are a fan of the CoffeeMate products but would like a preservative free option then here it is. Alicia over at her blog MayFly put together her own version in an entry. You know what? She is a smarty pants. It's fantastic and such a wonderful treat.

I read the recent GOOP and was so excited to see the recipe for BabyCakes chocolate cupcakes. They look so good that I think I'm going to give it a try. I might even try those cookies too.


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