This week I have learned that.......

As the days grow shorter they are shorter and I could really use that extra few hours of light.

At the Book Fair kids expect you to count out hundreds of pennies so they can buy silly pens and erasers. Even after counting out all those pennies they'll still be short 20 cents.

For some reason last year we didn't eat a dozen candy canes and I can't even remember why I thought that stuffing them in a drawer was going to get us to eat them.

I would like more free time to do some stuff like read a book and knit cool things.

Leah wants to become more involved with soccer by joining a travel team. That means our dedication will be increased and she'll need to work on her skills. Time for this Momma to get her Sambas back on and hit the fields.

This Jeffrey Foucault guy is excellent. My goodness I love, love, love his music.


Judith said…
I miss the longer days of summer too. I hope the economy will improve so we can one day be neighbor-friends 'cause I don't see you nearly enough.

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