Glad to be back home

The month of November has gone by in a flash. We've been busy with the normal every day life motions but also we have been traveling. There was the surprise birthday party for Mom in Colorado. That was a wonderful short weekend full of 50's themed surprise birthday fun. I do love a good costume party and I might have gotten a little too into the costume. Too bad none of my pictures were any good. We were fortunate enough to get a nice snow fall while enjoying the company of family. Snow in November, what a novelty for those of us in the semi-South. I loved every inch of it and was sad to see it melt away.

The most upsetting part of this month was when my Granny passed away. She had been sick for some time and by the time we returned from Denver it became clear that she was not doing well. The progression from not well to worst was a heartbreaking and difficult time for my Mother and her siblings. It was for me and the rest of us grandchildren too. Having to attend a funeral is never easy and especially around a typically joyful holiday. A somber week. I was tremendously upset, this is a beloved Granny, my Granny was gone. For as heartbroken and painfully sad as I felt I also felt happiness. Over the years Granny and I have spoken of faith and prayer. She loved this topic. She adored talking about being Catholic and her love for Christ was apparent. We talked about praying, mass, traditions, catechism, everything. When I became a catechism teacher she and I had more in depth conversations. She was so happy to learn our church offered Tridentine Mass, as she said "My mass", the mass as she knew of her youth. She yearned to go to that mass and celebrate. Because we talked I began to understand her devotion to Christ and how this beautiful faith we share is filled with love. Sitting in the church at her funeral mass I was sad but I couldn't help but smile too. I knew she was in good hands that she was on her way to being a saint. How is that not a celebration? She would want me to smile to be happy to trust in my faith and pray for her as she will pray for me and the rest of us here.

Thanksgiving was good. There was still the lingering pain in every one's eyes but we did have a good time. There was plenty of fantastic food and drink. I ate my first deep fried turkey. Excellent. I had 4 kinds of pie. And sangria. I drank plenty of sangria, love the sangria. I enjoyed listening to my great aunts play a conversational "who was poorer/who is older" with the father of my cousin's wife. It was quite funny. He bowed down to the dear gals when he learned that youthful looking great aunt Margaret was 12 years his senior. For me and as well as they it was not a matter of who was poorer or older but it was taking delight in the story telling. The sharing of experiences. And for that I am thankful.

Being home knowing we'll be home for Christmas is such a relief. I can take the next few weeks as fast or as slow as I want and enjoy Christmas. I pulled out the Advent wreath and was glad to put it on the table. We spent the rest of the day decorating the house. Keith worked on the lights. He loves doing the outdoor work and of course as he says he did the "annual testing of my life insurance policy" as he put the lights on the roof. I can't say that him being on the roof doesn't worry me. It does. He managed to be safe and get them placed to his expectations. Of course he insisted that he still needs more lights to make the yard look as he imagines. I'm still working on the indoors. I've unpacked several boxes but there are many yet to go. To keep the decorations fresh I like to put them in different places every year. I'm taking my time and letting the inspiration drive me along.


Judith said…
I know you're smiling, but I'm still sorry for your loss. Your Granny! Tridentine Mass sounds fascinating.

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