Stop watch laundry day

Now I find myself to be a reasonably sharp person, possibly smart but these daily tasks seem to always confirm my lack of brightness. Laundry and pockets. Pockets and laundry. Both are out to get me. Together they ruin me. Ok, so I'm being dramatic, but really how come I can't seem to prevent very obvious gaffs?

I know, brain damage. I can hear Bill Cosby saying it "Braaain Damage"

That must be the reason. Since I am afflicted with this disorder I am unable to rescue those things that linger in the back nooks of pockets. Which is where the yellow stopwatch was hiding. I discovered the stopwatch as it spilled out of the washer. Another broken item. The third stopwatch to have been destroyed by the washer and my brain damage. Every time I tell myself it won't happen again I am right back to missing that blasted stopwatch. I think it's sneaking around hiding from me and that's why I miss finding it in those pants pockets. While I try to figure out a way to prevent my brain damage from ruining another stopwatch I have to head up to the store a buy another one. My dear husband won't be able to run properly without his beloved stopwatch. I wonder how long this one will survive.


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