Some days I never seem to sit down. I don't know how I make it to the end of the day without dropping on the couch to rest. Busy. What a word it is. It's not long enough to be representative of its value to my day. Its simplicity makes up for the minority of its syllables. When I became a stay at home Mama there were many things I never anticipated. Several that I'm still adjusting to and most I love. Yet busy was not what I expected. Sure all Mamas are busy. Perhaps my consciousness of the busy day is its significance. Before with a job and all the other things I do I didn't have the ponderous moments to reflect on my daily actions. Not that it matters. What I find to be so interesting is how 8 hours passes so quickly and my to-do list never seems to shrink. While I continue to be busy and am thoroughly wiped out after long days I truly love it. So to reward myself (just a little bit) tomorrow I will take a long break and read a few chapters of my book and possibly squeeze in a little play time with those crafty projects I so desperately want to finish. I need a little release and sometimes that's all it takes to keep the BUSY from taking over.


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