Nifty Ideas: Bamboo Love

Another round of fantastic nifty ideas I have discovered. You too may become inspired by these nifty things and in turn create your own. If you have any of your own nifty ideas please share them with me I'd love to learn about what is nifty to you!

A bamboo nightgown is diving. Once you have worn one you will love it forever. These are my favorite nightgowns to wear, so comfortable and soft. I have a nightgown and a nightshirt which are lovely. There are even PJs for the wee ones.

Bamboo lounge pants are another favorite. The company I got mine from call them Journey Pants for women either way they are great for lounging in about the house. If I were to go on a journey and could take only one pair of pants these would be the ones I'd take.

Bamboo sheets are a luxury. This is the one wedding gift you can't go wrong giving. As with the night wear these feel divine. It's well worth the investment once you try them you'll want to snuggle in your bed all day long. I have some bamboo flannel sheets which are fantastic for the winter months. Amazon has a great line too.

Another great wearable bamboo item are socks. I love them too. You can bamboo socks at most retailers. I know Eddie Bauer has some and I've even seen them at other stores.

There is a wonderful bamboo salad bowl at Clean Air Gardening. I like the deep sides and that this bowl is made with natural sealants.

These little note cards are made from bamboo paper and are so pretty.

For the knitters and hookers there are knitting needles and hooks made from bamboo and even yarn.


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