My thoughts uncoil from the tightly wrapped tangle of to-dos, each one gently passing by in a greeting as a reminder from long forgotten tasks. This rhythm of my day, holding my breath, as the rush of early morning duties consume my mind as hostage to the must dos before 9am. Those tangled to-dos capture valuable space in my brain keeping it in a circus of confusion. When did my brain become so scattered? How did that focus become so cloudy? That moment after all are sent on their way quiet stillness fills the house leaving me but a brief chance to ponder some of those hidden thoughts. Tucked away in the depths of me they linger waiting for that stillness before quietly emerging from the shadows. It is not often enough that I allow my mind the time to unravel which has been a significant emptiness to my relaxation. The constant repression of those creative moments have put me in a haze - just a robot working task after task. It's terrible that I have prevented the creativity from giving me peace. Regaining my peace, my quiet thinking has offered internal balance. The balance between stress to relaxation an imperative lesson to remember. One I often neglect. This is a lesson I must continue, simple moments every day to uncoil my thoughts and breathe.


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