Wow when did I do this last?

The past year was a very slow one in the knitty part of my life. I managed to finish a few projects. Far more were left incomplete than complete. There is a yellow lace scarf I began long ago meant for Leah. I have a third remaining to finish before I can block it and give to her. It was meant to be a Christmas present for 2008. This is the one project that haunts me the most since she has asked for a nice Mama made scarf. Going on two years and yet to deliver. Bummer. I think I need one of them New Year's resolution things. I think those might be on sale at K-Mart.

For some reason the thought that I need to carve out an hour of time to knit had been hindering my desire to knit. I don't want to force it out of me. I want to knit for the pleasure of accomplishing a new project. Determining what I wanted was easy figuring out how I was going to sort it out was another issue. The best I can figure is that I'll have to pick up the needles for a few minutes at a time. Take a break knit a few rows and set it down. So, the setting it down part will be hard, but I'm going to have to make it work. I doubt there will be much in the hours upon hours of my week I can devote to straight knitting. Who can devote time like that to one specific thing (other than your job) every day? Knitting in between things. Knitting between loads of laundry, dishes, cleaning, homework help, and generally everything else. That's the way I have to knit. I can't sit there in the comfy chair with a nice steamy cuppa knitting away the day. Wouldn't that be nice?! That romantic image cannot exist in the life of a busy mother. It's more likely that I get a 15 minute sample of that dreamy image. That's it. That's my resolution for knitting. Work in small bits to get my projects completed. If I can stick to this plan then I'll have a few more projects to show for my efforts than this past year. It's a start and that's what I need. New Year and a new plan.


soulemama inspires me with her ability to work on projects in little snippits of time for a long time.

While I was working on last minute gifts in my sewing area the week before Christmas, I unearthed a few projects I had totally forgotten about. Sometimes the timing just needs to be right I guess.

best wishes on the new plan!

and thanks for your comment on so wabi sabi. the santas are made from antique candy molds by a women who lives in a nearby town.

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