The big dig

Today we dug out. There was plenty of snow to shovel, it's knee high, so much so it was a family activity to clear the driveway. Considering how much fun we had skiing over the weekend coming home to a big shoveling job was putting us in the grumpy grumps. I am flabbergasted with how DC area snow plows push the snow up against people's driveways. Because that's where you store it out here? Maybe my irritation is due to all those years of being spoiled by the efficient plowing of Coloradans. Snow plows in Colorado begin by going down the street along the curb and pushing the snow away from driveways. Think about it, is that not logical? Doing so allows for several things 1: people can get out of their homes 2: mailboxes are free and clear 3: trash removal can be done 4: the road is passable. These are not complicated things but for the East Coast DC region this seems to slip their minds. Shoot you wouldn't want to actually make it easy for people to leave their homes or allow emergency vehicles to access neighborhoods. I can't imagine what people are doing who can not physically move that much snow. (Or afford to pay for removal) I am fortunate to be young and reasonably fit to do my own shoveling. Still it took a good deal of time to work through that icy wall of snow pushed in front of our driveway. We are now free to leave our home and go to work or where ever so long as that stupid plow does not come back down the street shoving more snow in front of our drive. I swear if that plow comes down our street I think Keith might swipe their truck and give 'em a lesson or two. Damn rookies.


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