Big snow 'a comin'

In a few days the biggest snow storm to hit the DC area is on its way. I am super excited about this storm. I am a BIG fan of snow, epic amounts of snow, and love seeing it all around. Although the storm will be hitting in a few days everyone is acting as if it were coming today. In DC panic and snow go together like peanut butter and jelly. The stores are being ravaged by insane people. Seriously do you really need to buy 48 rolls of TP? Or how about that lady who parked her cart in front of the milk case filling it up with gallon after gallon of milk? She nearly got beat up by me and 4 other people trying to gain access to the dairy aisle. Who buys 6 gallons of milk per week for 3 kids? I think she's full of it saying that was her normal purchase. She was panicking. As I made my way around the store I noticed what people were buying. Mostly heat and serve meals. Very few had whole foods, as in you buy ingredients to make your supper. I know, this is totally foreign to people, the actual idea of cooking an entire meal without following instructions on the back of a box. It's these back of the box people who panic and go bonkers buying $500.00 worth of food before a storm. I guess I would too if I didn't know what to do with some raw chicken and a few potatoes. I shouldn't be too critical but really those people bring undue stress upon themselves. If you rely on Taco Bell, McD's or Burger King to feed your family a few days a week you already have some serious problems.

Confidently I worked my way through the store maneuvering around the nutters picking up only a few refreshers for our compound. All I needed were more fresh veggies, fruits and dairy which is typical weekly shopping for me. Sure I tossed in a few Superbowl staples like queso dip, chips and drinks but hardly the budget busters I witnessed around me. Thankfully I know how to cook and will ride out this storm in spectacular comfort without fear of being low on food. Maybe this storm will encourage people to learn that all too necessary skill of cooking. Wait, this is DC I'm talking about, nope. This storm won't make a difference at all. It will only make the locals complain louder about how there should be a law against winter coming here. All I can say is people you can go on hating winter and moan about how it ruins your life, blah, blah, blah but so long as you live in a region where snow can fall you better be ready for what may come. Snow or not DC is a temperate zone and will have occasional storms. That means you should always have a snow shovel on hand and not wait until the news stations tell you to buy one and you should have some food in your house. It's pretty easy after that. Stay inside enjoy the weekend and relax. You won't be trapped in your house for days like you would in a Siberian blizzard. If you have to get out then go ahead dig out your car and drive around, be THAT guy. Seriously on a snowy weekend must you do errands? Is it that difficult to enjoy your home? This is what confuses me about DC people. All week long (every week) at work people complain about how they hate work and wish they could stay home and relax. Yet after the storm people are crazed to get out. They rant about how they can't get out of the neighborhood to go do some SUPER IMPORTANT non-relaxing task. So far the 2 big storms have been hitting during the weekend and all those "I hate work" complainers are the first to freak out when being faced with a weekend of being home.

To sum up DC people seem perpetually unhappy. They can't seem to enjoy a simple moment for what it is without worrying about what they cannot have. I won't allow myself to become one of them. I'm going to live and enjoy the best of what living in a seasonal climate offers. I am looking forward to time with my family, making delicious stews and watching how excited my girls are about the feet of snow falling all around.


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