Garden thinks

All those birds outside are eager for spring to arrive. They have been busy on my front porch fighting over the feeders. It's the end of the free food for them because now we are thawing out it's time for them to move on. It's so deceiving to hear them outside chattering away. The singing and bright sunshine fool me into thinking it's spring. I fully expect to see out my window tulips popping up but all I see are mounds of snow and happy birds bouncing around. I'm not quite used to seeing this snow still on the ground it feels surreal. The rains have arrived to wash what snow remains away from existence. The puddles of water have been collecting in inconvenient places leaving me fully aware of foot placement when exiting the car. My thoughts of spring gardening are on hold. The soggy ground will not be ready for early peas and lettuce for some time and that is a bummer. I hope that with this big cold that has remained that our spring will not be too shortened. Alas DC is the oddest place for weather. It would not surprise me to have cool spring weather for a short month following by massive heat. I'll take my chances. The thought of garden fresh peas seem to be on my mind far too much which means that this year I have to put a better effort for getting those peas in the ground in a happy place.

I want to try a 3 season garden plan this year. An early crop of peas and lettuce or spinach followed by cucumber, tomato, peppers, watermelon, onions, corn, and then finally lettuce and carrots. We'll see. That's likely too much in such a small space but I'll figure a way to make it work. While most of my thoughts are on the vegetables I know there will be a need to bulk up in the flower gardens. There is certainly some damage done with this heavy snow and a few plants will need to be replaced. That will be easy, or at least in my head it seems to be so. I tend to get very particular about my garden and that often puts a complicated spin on many things I do.

As I plan in my head listen to the birds and watch the snow melt I am getting ready for spring. I have seeds to start and a trellis to build. I believe by mid-March it will be time for those peas to be sown and ready to grow. With all the little tasks ahead I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and digging in that garden.


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