Ladies knit

Under the fence
Catch the sheep
Back we come
Off we leap

This is the little poem many use to teach children to knit with needles. I've shown Leah how and she was very interested for a bit. I have meant to bring her back several times yet never did much more than think about it. I think I can wait a little longer until we begin lessons with the needles. What I found works for them was a loom which was sent by my mom. The girls had no interest in using the loom until I pulled it out one day and got a hat started. I figured that all it would take was for them to see the loom and yarn working. Together we learned how to get the yarn going and off they went. Leah started with a loom large enough to make a hat for her head. Olivia was not as adventurous, wanting something smaller and less work. They worked for 2 days wrapping the yarn around the loom's pegs and flipping the loops row after row. The loom is perfect for them and their knitting 15 minutes at a time style. On Saturday a friend came over to visit and noticed the girls working hard on their hats. She of course wanted to join in on the fun and before long we had a knitting circle. We found her some yarn started another loom and off she went. Eventually she got the hang of it and was making great progress. She stayed for 2 hours knitting her hat, in between games of restaurant, before we had to make her go home. I was glad she enjoyed knitting so much and invited her back on Sunday to work some more.

As Leah got closer to completion she become focused on finishing and work diligently until the end. Her hat turned out nicely. She plans on making another one just in case she loses this one. Olivia finished her hat last night after supper. Her hat was made for Rosie so that she could keep warm on these cold days. I'm not sure what Olivia's next project will be, a hat for herself was mentioned as well as a hat for her bear, who knows. I'm glad that they have something else to do that is going to keep them busy with an end goal. For now the loom is perfect and when they are ready I'll show how them how to knit with needles.


Carolyn said…
I'm happy to hear that the looms were a hit.I bought one for me hoping it will help me knit for real. we'll see.

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